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Precision Google Search Launcher For Mac Os X

Precision Google Search 1.0 Freeware is the ideal google search launcher for mac os x, with this you are able to search the internet with google and other search engines, you only need on time to copy text in websites or programs and then you can choose a search engine button that you prefer click it with your mouse or touch device and the Search Results will be done, you can repeat it without to must have to copy the same text again with this method you can very fast compare it and choose the best search results but there is more you can do translations compare it and choose the best translation results. Precision Google Search does works across different browsers Safari Browser, Firefox mozilla browser, Google Chrome Browser, Opera Browser and many more. you only need to setup one of these browsers as default browser and you will get the results in that browser. After that the searches and translations will be working across any websites and any applications. you can also doing this copy text in First Browser for example Chrome Browser and then get the Search results or translation results into the Second Safari Default Browser, this way you can stay on your active website without interrupting and then copy an other part of text.

Precision Google Search Is The First One In The World That Can Do This :

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Search Google with Parameters in Google Precision Search

There is a effective way to search google with precision based on your own parameters settings or true handy check box settings, with Google Precision Search Launcher you can very quick and very easy modify for example all your Google Search Results, and with the handy parameters insert tool beginners and professionals can use his own parameters with a single line of code and you can also use this tool for the other search engines.

Handy Checkbox Settings:

Intuitive Google Parameters Insert Tool:

(you can also use it for the other Search Engines!)

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Precision Google Search Offers a New Way to Search or Translate on Internet

With this Freeware you can speedup your work flow to do a Google Search or Translations.

Precision Google Search 1.0 Freeware Works on MacBook Pro/Air/? - iMac - Mac Mini
(Mac OS X System 10.7 or later - 64 bit)

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You can Setup One of these Browsers as Default Browser! :

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What is New in the Latest Version of Precision Google Search 1.0?

How to Download & Start Precision Google Search 1.0 Freeware

You can Download Precision Google Search 1.0 Freeware From Here.


Two Ways to Get the Search or Translation Results

Three Ways to use Precision Google Search

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Precision Google Search Works Everywhere

The Power of Precision Google Search Freeware is that the searches and translations will provides the functionality from everywhere on your Mac OS X System, so that all your programs instantly will become search and translations from clipboard enabled.

Precision Google Search is for Everyone

Precision Google Search is an intuitive Internet Searching Tool special for website designers, writers, programmers, authors, documentation creators, translators, secretaries, journalists, in fact for any one who are using a mouse device with an internet connection. 

If you Are Working on Browsers, Editors for example on Office Program or if you are surfing on Websites and you may not now what the meaning is of that sentence line or Paragraph Text or you want to now the definition of some keywords, then With Precision Google Search Launcher you are able to Copy that Text and Click one of the search or translations buttons it will automatic do for you the searching's or translations, some examples are Wikipedia Search,diverse search engine search,or diverse translation engines.

Easy to Use

This freeware requires no learning curve. You can Simply copy any text Click one of these search buttons and it will do for you the Search Engines searches or Translations. That is all. This whole process is mastering in a single snap and it will save you a lot of work.


We give away this magic program for free of charge. No strings will be attached.

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